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I remember when I went to the doctor w your mami and papi and they told us your were a boy a big boy I was so happy for them for me .Well i never got to take care of you and have abuelas fun, but you know i will take good care of you when i meet you there i promise. In the meantime take good care of Mami and Papi like you been doing.
Auntie Melissa

I have wonderful memories of you David Carl.  You were still growing in your mama's belly, but you have no idea how much happiness you brought to her and your daddy before you were here.  I remember floating in the pool with your mom and dad picking out baby names before we knew that you were a boy.  I remember your mommy calling me to make sure that she bought the perfect car seat (and that it was the perfect price ;))  Your mom is a bargain hunter...did you know that? 


I hope you see now as you look down from Heaven how very much they love you and how you have touched all of our lives.  We love you and miss you Baby David.  Please watch over your mommy and daddy.

294 Kellers
If roses grow in heaven, Lord, then pick a bunch for us. Place them in David's arms and tell him they're from us. Tell him that we miss him and when he turns to smile, place a kiss upon his cheek and hold him for awhile.
Aunt Kimmy
Kimberly Jarrett

I miss you DC. 


As I sit here by the window writing this a little ladybug crawls up the string of the shades.  I know your mommy and daddy always said they saw a lady bug when you passed.  That is our symbol that you are still with us. Why else would a lady bug be in my cold house on this February day? Let alone your Birthday.


I think about you everyday and know that you are in the right hands, even though I'd love you to be in our arms! 


Life doesn't make sense and we'll never understand why God took our little boy, but I do BELIEVE you are in a MUCH better place and we'll be with you when its our time. 


I can't wait to hold you again and give you kisses and hold your sweet little hands and touch your soft tiny toes.  I LOVE YOU HONEY.  Aunt Kimmy xoxoxoxox



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